Coatings Inspections (NACE and SSPC Standards)

B&N has a full staff of NACE and SSPC Certified Inspectors to analysis and examine your asset, or products. Our staff focuses on the industry standards and principals when addressing an asset’s current state (pre, during, and post construction) and any possible asset failures. Our staff uses a structured reporting system and reporting processes to ensure consistent, timely, and accurate reporting of the assets current state to our customers.

Nondestructive Testing and Evaluations (NDT and NDE)

B&N staff uses a wide range of nondestructive testing and evaluation methods to analyze and report on particular materials, components, or complete systems. This inspection service helps our client identify defective products or applications/installation process by ensuring the products, application, and installation are done to the project specification and industries standards.

Welding Inspections – CWI

Weld quality assurance inspections confirm the quality, the presence, location, and coverages of welds. This inspection process uses technological methods to test and assure weld quality.

American Petroleum Institute (API) Inspection

B&N’s staff of API inspector’s analysis of the structural integrity of the asset and the possibility of failure. API inspectors are certified in pressure vessels, piping, aboveground storage tanks and advanced certifications like API 571 and 577.


Cathodic Protection Analysis

B&N has the ability to assess current CP systems and make any needed recommendations. Additionally, our staff can help design proper CP systems to maximize the service life of the owner’s asset.

Coatings Surveys

Coating surveys may be one of the most beneficial pieces of information for the asset owner. The valuable information that comes from the survey can help owners develop maintenance budgets, understand estimated remaining service life of the asset, and plan for any needed upgrades. Our clients use the provided surveys on a daily basis.

Asset Management

As part of our “Turn Key” approach to our clients, B&N provides tools to help our clients conduct asset management. We analysis the assets for integrity using our resource of NACE and Weld inspectors, then consult to clients on life span and appropriate actions to extend the asset life.

ROV Inspections

Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) is a mobile underwater inspection drone that allows B&N to inspect the interior of any asset while keeping the asset in-service, and not draining or disrupt typical operations.  Our fleet of ROVs take high definition (4K) video and pictures during the inspection.  With this valuable information, B&N is able to deliver a in-depth asset integrity analysis report to the client.  Please contact B&N for further information and to see past videos and pictures.


B&N inspection and consulting staff work with the asset stakeholders to develop the right coating specification for their long-term needs. If necessary, working with coating manufactures to develop a “custom” coating to produce the proper corrosion protection for the asset’s environment. B&N Inspection and Supply has established relationships with multiple coating manufacturers to ensure the proper product from the proper manufacture is utilized for our customer.


B&N providing free lunch and learn training courses for our clients. The training is developed to help broaden the capabilities of client’s human resources. We training on coatings failures and defects.

Project Management/Consulting

B&N works alongside asset owners from cradle to grave on projects, large or small. We have representatives present to assist our customers in all stages of planning, execution, controlling, and closing of the project. B&N helps develop the appropriate plan for their project. We help broaden the pool of potential coating applicators to obtain competitive pricing on Request for Proposals (RFPs).  We work with the highest trained and certified application firms. Our staff monitors and controls the coating application throughout the execution. Finally, B&N closes out the coating project with our customer with completion inspection and reporting.